Medicare Supplement Plans in Utah, Colorado, and Nevada

You will see a major trend when you compare the Medicare Supplement Plans these 3 states have to other states in the country. When compared to other states that have large cities in them, to a large extent, they are far less expensive. As is common knowledge, Nevada has Reno and Las Vegas, Colorado has Denver, and Utah has Salt Lake and few other medium size cities in it. So what is the reason why there is a huge price difference between these states and the others? Let us consider the 2 reasons.

Usually, the healthier the state, the lower would be the rates. All the states mentioned above boast of a very good health rating. When a Medicare Supplement Company record lower health claims they would also have lower costs which in their usual manner, they will pass on to the consumer as lower rates for their plans.  Get a quote for the best supplement plan at

These companies are actually able to look at past records in a bid to attempt to evaluate their future costs for claims. If they notice that in the past years the cost of claims have been comparably lower than other states, for this reason alone they will keep prices lower. These states with rocky mountainous landscape are benefiting immensely from a healthy life style. These states have plenty of outdoor activities that aid in maintaining a great health rating.

In determining rates, competition is also a large factor. As you look at the rates across the country, you will observe an important trend. In states where only 1 or 2 companies sell Medicare Supplement Plans you will find that the rates can be very high. In states like Utah, Colorado, and Nevada, you will find a minimum of 5 companies that provide these types of plans. That being said, every insurance company is competing for a position in the market. Having a position in the market has everything to do with prices, when you are dealing with a standardized plan.

Standardized plans are of immense importance as to why competition is so important in the scheme of things. Think about it this way: if you went to a car dealer to buy a car, you would not want to pay $6000 more to purchase the exact same vehicle with the same options that will get you to the same place –there is no atom of sense in that. The same goes for Medicare Supplement Plans. Well informed consumers are aware that the plans in themselves are essentially the same from one company to another. This means that there is nothing else to talk about than price difference.

Whether you are looking at a Colorado Medicare Supplement Plan, Utah Medicare Supplement Plans, or a Nevada Medicare Supplement Plan, you are in a good position. Residing where you currently live could save you thousands of dollars in Medicare cost.