You can Actually Write and Book or a Blog during your Retirement Period

You can Actually Write and Book or a Blog during your Retirement Period

Retiring does not mean that you are not an expert in your field anymore. In fact when someone gets old, the level of wisdom increases as well. Old seniors are considered wise basically because they take time before they make a decision. Considering that you have retired and you age has earned you the title a wise man or woman, there is need for you to write a book or a blog for that matter. It is through that book that you will get an opportunity to pass your wisdom through advising people on how things should be done or how you think things should be done.

Writing a blog or a book can be a place to share your memoir

“My life as a soldier fighting in Afghanistan”. This could be the title of your book or blog that contains you memoirs. Memoirs are actually a source of inspiration and hope to those who are going or are longing to go down that road. It is through presenting your memories that you can actually get to encourage them and tell them that things are possible. It is through writing a memoir blog that you can get to share ideas that could challenge one to follow your steps and take your advices.

Writing blogs or books keeps you alive and not forgotten

Some of the famous seniors of have simply went out of the picture simply because they have been forgotten. They have been forgotten basically because there is nothing they can do so that people can remember and follow them through their writing. It is important therefore to make sure that you give senior ideas, opinions and expert advice through your blog or book so that your presence can be felt even when you’re a retired senior. People can only continue talking about you if you keep speaking out your mind.

You can mentor through books or blogs

With the current technology, you can actually mentor young workers by writing something. Younger employees will always look up to their seniors and will always look for an opportunity to ask for advice even when you have already retired. If your age does not allow you to write, there is always an option where someone can listen to your and write based on what you have said. Such writing could mentor a young employee somewhere.